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Historic Building Surveys

    The ability to understand how a building works and has been constructed is integral in being able to undertake and complete a thorough building survey. The expertise of Chartered Building Surveyors and a Building Conservation Accredited Surveyor helps us to understand historic buildings and structures in depth. This enables a thorough report to be produced that will detail how the building has been constructed, the techniques used, any defects that are apparent, and the most sympathetic methods of repair and/or restoration which benefits you as the Client.

    The reports will come in an easy to read format and will have the benefit of photographs and sketch details to demonstrate the relevant points. A thorough survey will be carried out on site from roof voids to drainage and, where required, an endoscope survey of cavities and voids can be undertaken.

    A “Full Structural Survey” looks at all aspects of the building and includes a full inspection of the structural integrity of the building with individual defects noted and a comprehensive report and photographic record of the building. The report will be summarised with a conclusion on the methods of construction and a full list of any defects with budget costings.

    A “Major Defect Survey” covers all of the aspects of a Full Structural Survey but it concentrates on all of the major defects that are evident within the property. The report is more condensed but will look at all of the structural issues and major items of repair that are required. The report will detail the methods of construction, the major defects that have been found, and will be backed up with a photographic record for ease of identification of the relevant points.

    A “Specialist Survey” can be carried out where only a specific issue needs to be considered. This often occurs where a mortgage survey requires an investigation into a specific structural issue. The property will be inspected to deal with the issue at hand and a written report with photographs will be produced to detail a solution to the issue.

    A “Condition Survey” will again look into all of the individual issues, including the structure and damp. The report is usually prepared on a room by room basis and gives a full and thorough record of the building and its individual rooms. This report is of significant benefit if maintenance is planned for the building and advice is needed on where priorities should be given. The other significant time this should be used is in conjunction with a new lease as it will determine the condition of the property at the commencement of the lease. This report is also provided with plans and photographs where it is required to demonstrate an issue with the building.

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