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Conservation Management Plans

    A Conservation Management Plan should be developed and prepared so that it will help you, as the property or land owner, programme and budget manage the maintenance of the buildings, structures, footpaths, waterways and other features on the site.

    The Management Plan will be structured to suit your needs as the property custodian and will be designed to be used as a valuable everyday reference document by you when you are running or managing the site. The Management Plan should include reference to all necessary documents that will enable the daily, weekly and yearly functions to be prepared and budgeted by you, the end user.

    The Management Plan need not be lengthy or complicated, but will be developed by us in a format that you will find to be easy to use. A good Conservation Management Plan should be user friendly, a valuable reference tool and take into account all aspects of the site from maintenance to public access.

    The Management Plan may need to incorporate other surveys of the site to enable the plan to be fully developed. We are able to undertake a full range of these surveys from structural surveys, public access audits, site condition reports and topographical and measured surveys, all in-house. We are also able to undertake archaeological, tree, ecological, hydrological and wildlife surveys through other consultants that we use on a regular basis. Interaction with the public is an essential part of the preparation of the plan and we are able to undertake, organise and host public consultation events, drawing this valuable information into the end plan.

    The Management Plan can also be used to support a Heritage Lottery Fund Application.

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