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Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

    Quantity surveyors are the cost managers of construction. They are initially involved with the capital expenditure phase of a building or facility, which is the feasibility, design and construction phases. But quantity surveyors can also be involved with the extension, refurbishment, maintenance and demolition of a facility.

    As Chartered Surveyors our team are highly trained professionals offering expert advice on construction costs and procurement options. Quantity Surveyors can (and do!) add value to the development equation through their unique blend of construction knowledge, advice on strategic and detailed cost planning and procurement of construction services. The peace of mind that this gives our clients should not be underestimated.

    PWH understand all aspects of construction over the whole life of a building or facility. We also have the ability to manage cost effectively, equating quality and value with our individual client needs.

    Primary services of Chartered Quantity Surveyors include:

    Design economics and cost planning

    • Added value to design solutions.
      Key attributes: Strategic advice on schematic development plans.

    Procurement and tendering

    • Optimise cost and procurement opportunities.
      Key attributes: Increased certainty that building will be completed within budget.

    Contract administration

    • Administer construction contracts.
      Key attributes: Diplomacy and legal knowledge.

    Commercial management

    • Assessment of completed work costs.
      Key attributes: Knowledge of contract, negotiating, procurement, finance, risk and project costs.

    Life cycle costing

    • Establish the total cost and spend profile of the project over its anticipated life span.
      Key attributes: Understanding of the major cost drivers; more accurate forecasting of cost profiles; evaluation of the competing options; a good understanding of acquisition, operational and end life costs of a project.

    The full range of Quantity Surveying services offered by PWH is too large to cover here, but some key highlights include:

    Initial Cost Planning Phase

    • Stage 1 – A preliminary budget/Order of cost estimate based on unit costs per square metre analysis. Generally prepared from outline planning or initial scheme feasibility drawings. A comparison with B.C.I.S data for relevant and comparable projects.
    • Stage 2 – An elemental cost plan in greater detail based upon Architects RIBA work Stage D or similar.
    • Further cost planning may be necessary dependent upon the amount of design options offered or design changes made.

    Pre-Contract Phase

    • Provide a definitive scheme cost plan at such time as the design is substantially complete.
    • Prepare tender documentation, enquires, Schedules of Work or Bills of Quantity as appropriate in order to tender the work to Contractors.
    • Attend design team co-ordination meetings and advise upon cost matters arising.
    • Produce reports on matters within the scope of services provided by the Quantity Surveyor.
    • Prepare a Tender report and advise upon tenders and prices received for the work.
    • Prepare forms of appointment and Contract Documentation.

    Post-Contract Phase

    • Prepare Interim Valuations and recommendations for payment.
    • Monitor finances and advise on the cost of variations as they arise.
    • Attend design team co-ordination and monthly site meetings.
    • Monitor and report upon the performance of the project in terms of cost.
    • Progressively advise the Client on cost matters and any implications or consequences.
    • Prepare and agree with the Contractor a Final Account.

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